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Headquartered in Canada, JWP Strategy International Ltd. (www.jwpstrategy.com) specializes in economic development, corporate marketing and business development.  For nearly three decades, they have been helping companies succeed in international markets.

In association with US-based Lynch Pinnacle Group (LPG), they advise on and assist with market entry strategies for North America, focused marketing campaigns, and product and technology commercialization initiatives.  They also facilitate in-market links with potential partners, investors and professional service providers.

jwp footprintThrough their various businesses, they have developed a far-reaching network of senior-level corporate contacts that gives them unrivaled access to decision-makers at companies of various sizes and types, from Fortune 500 firms to SME’s, whose business needs align with their clients’ propositions.

In addition, they have formulated a finely-tuned, highly targeted approach to identifying and researching opportunities, incorporating a team of researchers uniquely devoted to the analysis of corporate information and industry trends. They excel at obtaining information from, and developing sustainable relationships with, senior executives and corporate decision-makers regarding their businesses, plans and needs.

Over the years, they  have planned and organized hundreds of focused lead generation, business matching, and company visit programs.  With their long track record of success, their in-house research and networking capabilities, and their extensive market knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of industry sectors and regions, the JWP Strategy/LPG team is exceptionally well-qualified to help companies expand and grow their North American businesses.


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