Our networks of Specialised Consultants and Global Partners create an unfair advantage for all our clients.

It is not possible to have every resource and expertise in-house. We also recognise that we can learn from the experience and long track record of leading specialists.

Critically our clients need to know we will always find the best possible solution for them.

To achieve this we have teamed up with a select group of outstanding partners in:

  • Access to finance & investorsNetwork of UK & International Investors
  • International tax and accounting: Crowe U.K. LLP
  • Commercial law and IPMyerson Solicitors
  • Market intelligence: Kmatrix
  • Customer Service ExcellenceAcademy of Service Excellence

Also for those wanting to access new International Markets:

  • North America: JWP Strategy International
  • China: ConnectChina
  • Middle East: AEI Saudi and Gulf Connect


K Matrix
Crowe U.K. LLP
Academy of Service Excellence
JWP Strategy
Connect China
Gulf Connect