Meeting the Challenges of Business Growth.

What’s the Challenge?

The greatest barriers to growth for ambitious companies are:

  • Recruitment and retention of staff: For leaders of growing companies, the number one problem that prevents them from being able to accept additional customer orders is access to talent
  • Management and Leadership skills: Other major limiting factors are the lack of capacity and experience in the senior leadership team: finding people with the skills and ambition required for technical and business roles; developing leaders able to manage rapid growth
  • Barriers to Innovation and Export: For many,barriersexist that prevent companies creating new products and services for domestic markets, and selling successful products in other countries; entering new markets and gaining regulatory approval for new products
  • Options of finance: Many starting and growing companies find it hard to raise capital in the UK and needing to go to the USA or Asia; they struggle to attract appropriate growth capital; and find there is a lack of follow-on capital compounded by short-term investor mind-sets

Our Solutions

In response to these challenges combining our consultants with our specialist partners we provide support tailored to each client.

People Development

With our specilaised consultants we support company leaders.

  • Talent Management
  • Developing Leadership, Teams and Management
  • Development of High Performing Sales Teams
  • Creating Customer Excellence to win, retain and grow clients
  • Embedding Cultural Change to stimulate Growth
Finance & Investment

Companies are not just looking for cash – they want smart money which brings knowledge and support along with it. With our partners we bring Corporate Financial Planning; a UK and International Investor network; and access to Investment Funds; support by commercial legal and IP advice.

  • StartUp and Growth Finance
  • Business Review & Corporate Financial Planning
  • Pitch Development and Training
  • Investor Matching
  • Commercial & IP Legal Support
New Market Entry

Working with our in-country partners we help our clients develop international opportunities in North America, China and the Middle East.

  • New Market Research & Access
  • Market entry support in-country practical assistance
  • Market Intelligence
  • Hosted Market Visits
  • Partner and Customer identification
  • Deal Closing Support
Strategy & Market Intelligence

With our partner Kmatrix we offer a unique 3 dimensional Profiling to accurately benchmark your organisation against 30+ industry standard competencies. This is supported by our business coaches enabling the development of a targeted Business Strategy and Implementation plan

  • Competitive Profiling
  • New market/technology Opportunity Analysis
  • Proof of Concept risk and Opportunity Profiling
  • Analysis of barriers to Profitability and Growth
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Growth and Development Planning

Working with our global partners and specialist coaches

we combine insight and expertise to create practical results